Training reporting: Harnessing the power of Mobile phone apps for sustainable agriculture in Ghana


The internet and its applications provide a wide range of benefits to everyone. But it also requires specific basic skills and knowledge to use different internet devices effectively in order to improve one’s personal and professional development. More precisely, it means that without these skills and knowledge individuals are not in a position to do research (e.g. looking for a job), send out emails, get connected with people, or receive online information about how to set up your own business.
We, Knowledge for Development Without Borders (K4DWB), believe that in the 21st century, human sustainable development inevitably requires open access to information, communication and technology (ICT) consistent to the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This document is intended to inform Knowledge for Development without Borders  (KFDWB) and other partners who contributed to make Harnessing the power of Mobile phone apps for sustainable agriculture training  in University of Cape Coast,  Ghana a reality in  line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for  62 Students.

Feedback of some participants:

,,This training must be given to all agricultural student and farmers in all agricultural institutions and localities to help in accessing of agricultural information and improving the quality of farming and marketing.‘‘

,,Gaining workshop training will equip me to understand and have a in-depth knowledge about the venture I’m entering. Goal setting and self-assessment will also contribute in my skill development for my future job.‘‘

,, The skills above will help me collect data from farmers for office use and will also have good inter personal relation with farmers.‘‘

The report can be downloaded or viewed here

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