Training reporting: Harnessing the power of Mobile phone apps for Air pollution Monitoring at Abdou Moumouni University



The internet and its applications provide a wide range of benefits to everyone. But it also requires specific basic skills and knowledge to use different internet devices effectively in order to improve one’s personal and professional development. More precisely, it means that without these skills and knowledge individuals are not in a position to do research (e.g. looking for a job), send out emails, get connected with people, or receive online information about how to set up your own business.

We, Knowledge for Development Without Borders (K4DWB), believe that in the 21st century, human sustainable development inevitably requires open access to information, communication and technology (ICT) consistent to the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This document is intended to inform Knowledge for Development without Borders  (KFDWB) and other partners who contributed to make the  skills for development  training: CAPACITY BUILDING IN USING LOW COST DEVICES FOR MONITORING HOUSEHOLD AIR POLLUTION In Niger, Niamey  a reality in  line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Feedback of some participants:

,,Hello! Miss Karolina how are you doing?
I participated on your training to the air pollution…. I’m very glad for this formation… And I encourage you to continue on this way….‘‘

 ,,Assalam alekum for all
I agree with the same logic to congratulate and warmly encourage all  the initiators of this training, who kindly shared their expertise. Thank you Miss Karolina and Dr Sidi for all this treasure which is useful for scientific, social and health development in the world. Thanks also to all the participants who shared with us this fruitful moment in Niamey. It better to move and try this opportunit training. At the end  i suggest to ngo of Miss Karolina to  fight and integrate
other apps air pollutions applications by takin into account the African environment
Thanks so much.‘‘

 ,,Thank you very much Karolina for training. A lot of courage i wish to you and continues in the same way.
Best regard!‘‘

 ,, It seems to me important to thank you for having selected me in this training. Thank you also to you karolina and to Mr. SIDI ZAKARI for the implementation of the progress of this training in the best possible conditions.
For these Three days of the training, we had the opportunity to learn new knowledge and skills. These will be very precious to us for the realization of our projects to come. So, the time, the attention the interest which you were kind enough to show us were not lost. They tempted us to persevere in it training for which you gave us the biggest respect.
With all my gratitude, please accept, Madam karolina, the expression of my best regards. Cordially thank you!!!‘‘

The report can be downloaded or viewed here

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