Our 7 Goals

  • Share relevant knowledge and information to empower and help local citizens to know, understand, secure and enforce their roles, responsibilities, and engagements for the success of the SDGs.
  • Motivate and empower local citizens to set up their own sustainable development initiatives, getting them actively involved in local development challenges.
  • Identify and collect best development practices and information from development practitioners to inspire individuals, community leaders and decision makers for better and faster development interventions.
  • Build a global network of volunteers to work with our regional staff to deal with local development issues.
  • Monitor and evaluate the efficacy of local, national and international development aid interventions to emulate.
  • Network and partner and with  international and local NGOs, government structures, private sectors and development Agencies in identifying potential economic, social and environmental development issues, risks and their mitigation.
  • Cultivate knowledge exchange and transfer, networking and use of ICT to advance SDGs.