As a Global Social Service Support to SDGs and local development we strive to mobilize, connect people, empower local Citizens worldwide without distinction so that they know, understand, secure and enforce their roles, responsibilities and engagements in the achievement of SDGs, global  and local development. Access to  Skills and Knowledge that promote local and global sustainable development is our chore. 

The current economic system of the west africa countries requires the development skillful manpower. This could be achieved by paying attention to a local and regional skills and knowledge  for development system. The successful implementation of this skills and knowledge  system is inseparable from  knowledge management in informal and formal sector. That is what we are striving  to achieve with our regional Academy. Our efforts to create a Regional Academy for skills and knowledge for development will contribute to the improvement of vocational training in the informal sector and  formal sector.

Download below the Knowledge Regional Academy proposal Elevator pitch


While using training, coaching and mentoring to equip them with the required knowledge and skills they need, our regional Academy  proposal will be  a great center to  motivate and empower  local citizens to set up their own sustainable development initiatives and getting them actively involved in local development challenges. Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given the chance to understand, know and play his or her role in sustainable development. That’s what we’re doing. ~ KFDWB

KFDWB Regional Academy Proposal