Field Based Data

Below you will find our ever growing data collection  that KFDWB has received from volunteers and individuals around the world for action or intervention.  A summary of all  the data (Quarterly Update) that have been received by KFDWB via  our global  data collection database are shown in the table below per country. These information can help donors to better  understand, identify common global, local issues, and in their early diagnostics for intervention. (e.g.  currently collected data exploration). You can find some of our old case studies here.  If you need a new case study please contact us here.

KFDWB can provide you with a full  Case Study   for any of the support requests shown in the table below. The Case Study includes, but is not limited to the following: a review of all previous relevant local, national and international reports, knowledge of previous and/or current donor funding and their objectives, the actual situation on the ground with respect to funding, testimonials from local community members, media reports, photographic and/or video evidence. Where possible KFDWB is able to provide a basic costed solution or volunteer assistance  for the remediation of the community problem.