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Our diverse team is composed by people at our headquarters, by regional staff that work at the community level and at academic institutions, and by external collaborating specialists and development experts. Some of our colleagues are located in different parts of the world to cover different communities’ needs (see more here). The general operations management is conducted at our headquarters in Vienna, Austria, where a truly multinational and multidisciplinary colleagues team is based. The majority of our motivated colleagues are local residents of their communities, and thus are able to sustainably and effectively assist these communities establish and conduct their own development practices. We consider our internship or volunteer placement Colleagues as an integral part of our core Team within our organisation structure. Below you will find some of our actual active Team Member in Vienna, Austria.


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Ms. Biyatris Chellakudam


Biyatris lives in Vienna, Austria and is currently studying Law and Political Science at the University of Vienna. She joined the KFDWB Team because of her great interest in the advancement of underdeveloped communities and regions and KFDBW’s vision to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged communities through sharing information. Beside her open office base traineeship at KFDWB in Vienna, Biyatris is also working at a tax and business consultant office in Vienna.

Biyatris has worked on the Project: Management and Operation of the Knowledge for Development Without Borders Open Community Platform. Click here to view the project proposal. We congratulate Biyatris to the great engagement and achievement.
The result of the project can be viewed here as well as the video developed during the practice can be viewed below.

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