Our Development Team

Our diverse team is composed by Volunteer people at our headquarters, by regional staff that work at the community level and at academic institutions, and by external collaborating specialists and development experts. Some of our colleagues and volunteers are located in different parts of the world to cover different communities’ needs (read more here). The general operations management is conducted at our headquarters in Vienna, Austria, where a truly multinational and multidisciplinary Volunteer  team is based.
The majority of our motivated colleagues are local residents of their communities,
and thus are able to sustainably and effectively assist these communities establish and conduct their own development practices. Below you will find one of our actual active Team Member in Vienna, Austria.

Mr. Jamie Bergin

Department of Operation and Management

Jamie has worked as an intern with KFDWB since October 2017. He comes from Ireland originally and currently studies for a Masters of Advanced International Studies at Diplomatische Akademie Wien. Prior to joining KFDWB he completed an internship at the United Nations Offices for Drugs and Crime where he, among other things, contributed to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda. This was a source of motivation for joining KFDWB, which he feels offers pragmatic and creative solutions for the achievement of the SDGs. He has worked on a project titled “Putting the SDGs into practice” (click on here to download or view the project concept note); in this project he is preparing video materials which link the work KFDWB to the substantive content of the SDGs, while at the same time encouraging young people in the developing world to develop the requisite skills and knowledge for the achievement of the SDGs. The result of the project will be shared on KFDWB Open Community platform (click here for more details) and across various SDGs media channel. The outcome of the project can be found here.

Jamie is currently working on the project “Combatting Irregular Migration” click on here to view the short proposal of the project

Mitigation irregular migration

KFDWB Regional Academy Proposal