Skills and Knowledge for Youth to Mitigate Extremism and Violence

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Combatting Extremism and Violence locally and overseas

We could not separate our activiy of the promotion of the knowledge and skills for development to the prevention of violent extremist and radicalisation. We think that these topics are interconnected. Therefore, in addition to our core activity which consists to train disadvantaged individuals in peripheral regions in developing regions in ICT (Information and communication technologies) and business skills, we are developping a growing knowledge base, an intregarted smart platform (offline & online), that stimulates awareness of terrorism, violent extremism, illegal migration and cybercrime; it explores the risks involved in these crimes and provides practical measures for at-risk individuals to navigate contributing social traps; and, in a constantly changing environment, it creates an efficient feedback loop for continuous gathering of newinformation that contributes to an constant bettering of understanding in terms of changing behaviors and tactics.

Visit our platform link: Together against radicalisation

KFDWB has developed videos using e-learning software to describe what and how skills and knowledge training can contribute to mitigate Extremism and Violence. The contribution of KFDWB in this regard is explained and celebrated. Below you can find a series of video materials that demonstrate how knowledge sharing and skills for development trainings can help to accelerate the fight against Extremism and Violence

Visit our platform link: Together against radicalisation

KFDWB needs to tailor its current activity of providing skills and knowledge training to incorporate a “Combatting Extremism and Violence” aspect. Therefore, KFDWB has undertaken a preliminary research into the causes of Combatting Extremism and Violence, and to incorporate the results into their overall strategy.

Download the result of our preliminary research below

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