Tanzania: Field Based Data

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Mkimbizi-Iringa Municipality, Iringa Region

“Children Care Development Organization (CCDO) is a Non-Governmental Organization working in Tanzania to promote children health care, education, governance, ICT, entrepreneurs and environmental conservation promotion just to cope with the MDGS and SDGs as our core post agenda for 2015.
CCDO believes that, the education of the world’s children is high on the global agenda. In the context of education for all (EFA), all children should receive free, good quality education. The reality is that millions of the world’s children are too poor to benefit from the declaration, unless there are special interventions that target their development. Unfortunately, such children do not form a special social category in poverty eradication intervention programmes. Thus, their inclusion in the achievement of the MDGS and SDGs Post 2015 Development Agenda appears to be a hit-or-miss phenomenon. Recognizing the central role of poverty eradication in wider global agendas and acknowledging the need to reach out to the poorest children with the objective to break the poverty cycle for them, HIV/AIDS INFO AFRICA embarked on a programme of education and poverty eradication.
The CCDO Project aims at solving the problems hidden by the fact that orphans and vulnerable children are invisible; yet by the very nature of their situation, they are included among those that are classified as disadvantaged and poor in Tanzania. Children are subsumed within the poverty categories most often referred to such as households, communities, people – which means that there is a high tendency to focus on adult-related poverty while child problems are ignored, partly because children have little power and influence within a group that contains adults. Thus, the project will be implemented in Iringa Region at Iringa District, at Nduli village but assist some OVCs in Iringa communities.   Therefore, we are requesting any partner whom we can work together to promote our children and women rights living under vivid poverty, illiterate, unemployment and diseases.
Reporter: Mr Majaliwa Mbogella

Sanu Barray Mbulu Tanzania

Your organization had its headquarters in Vienna you also mentioned that you are  working to empower local Citizen to know, understand, secure and enforce their roles, responsibilities, and engagements for the success of the MDGs and forthcoming SDGs.When will this happen,and how many have been given support.The time for literature wa in 1970;but now is the time for action.Give examples and even where you have given what you said so through our field Operations -Would please what is the outcome of our request which more than three now.?

Reporter: Nicodemus Siayi Soko

Wami Sokoine Village at Morogoro City

MODEO support marginalized group ie. People with disabilities, Widows, PLWHA, Orphans affected with HIV/AIDS, women and girls   living in poverty through education on entrepreneurship skills support, Life skill, HIV AIDS education, and social welfare.
The programme  aiming  to improve social well-being of people with disabilities in relation to the HIV/AIDS pandemic by intensifying education amongst them and providing them with sustainable means of income. Support economic empowerment by addressing income and social economic development issues i.e empowering on IGAs and forming income generating activities and increase number of school attendance among orphan’s children with disabilities and support them school materials.
Reporter:  Mr Timothy B. Achimpota

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Ruhanga Village

Need for quality education supported by qualified teachers motivated to work in local environment, in the village. Well nourished students are critical. English language mastery is critical factor for quality secondary education. Need for conducive learning environment including hostels for students, female in particular, electricity, state-of-the-art Computer technology, library, toilets, equipped laboratories, standardized classrooms,playing grounds and compliant and ethical leadership.
Reporter: Mr Romuald Rwechungura

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Sanu Barray Mbulu Tanzania

CSYM HUDUMA as Community-Based Organizations (CBO’s) remains to be very much useful and critical to  the work for successful HIV Prevention, Care and Treatment. In essence; as(CBOs) Community Based Organizations we  are able to engage with better services to people infected and affected by HIV, and its impact; that they may be provided with essential Services, and address to eliminate Stigma,Discrimination and prevention efforts including- PMTCT-Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission,Death and Child Mortality in Communities we serve.CSYM HUDUMA* of Tanzania;is one of the CSO’s in Sub-Saharan Africa, which had vision to change the situation of the poorest of the poor and  improving their status by continuing to fight Poverty Ignorance and Disease and its obvious that the  ‘problem’ should be solved.
CSYM HUDUMA would like to create awareness on AIDS/HIV to the project recipients; especially Women, Children and men and women of the reproductive ages. CSYM will strategize to eliminate hidden fears of stigma in families encourage testing to prevent HIV infection within the families. This project will also support positive living for those who are already infected by providing them with update information on HIV and help them fight against stigma.
Reporter:  Mr Nicodemus Siayi Soko

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Sanu Barray Mbulu Tanzania

We are seeking to see that family,youth and even children and their livelihood are having something to do in life. Learning from nearest town of Arusha there is a need to start an Industrial Corner at our township in Mbulu where young people would get jobs.Their  existence and in their fight for livelihood they are exploited as they have weak bargaining power these are future leaders without power.Establishment of an Industrial Corner would support our cause to fight Poverty. Children land here because they have been living in utter poverty and they find their family in difficult situation. In this area children being highly vulnerable are exploited for child labour, trafficked into homes in towns and later used as sex business, young Girls do suffer cheap living and forced into sex without their will.When an Industrial Corner is established they get jobs.Local Government Authority had nothing in this matter as they knew what is going on.We look forward to your support.
Reporter:  Mr Nicodemus Siayi Soko

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Ilemela Mwanza Region

TAWAWAMI is an non political,domination,and Governmental Organization with the registration number 00NGO/00003697.

TAWAWAMI is intended to provide its services to the national level.Our mission is to devoted to bring about behavioral Change and to enhancing lives of the Orpahns and youth from pastoralist Communities in Tanzania.

and Our aim is to Increase the opportunity for the orphans and youth from the pastoral Communities to develop themselves in a proctective and educative environment, in which they have the ability to attain full potentials in their lives.

We need to see A developed a pastoral Community in Modern development Activities and free from negative norms and customs.

TAWAWAMI guides with the following principles Good leadership,openness, responsibility,Involvement, Fairness and respect.

Reporter: Richard L Sulumet