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Principal  Partner


IBM_posDesign_OOH_cmyk The world today constantly needs innovations in information and knowledge connectivity to positively impact people’s lives. We are happy to have IBM Austria as our partner, supporting us to bring volunteers around the world together by connecting them with relevant information and knowledge for learning and economic empowerment. Taking a leading role in technology, IBM is an inspiration for us and generations to come in the way they use technology to bring together people through social collaboration tools. The IBM grant of Connections (Read more here), a social collaboration platform, helps our 800+ volunteers to connect over country boarders (StayConnecteD4Dev), to share successful development practices, education materials and discuss their issues on the ground.

We are happy to support KFDWB – a sustainable development initiative. Our cloud-based IBM Connections solution helps them promote education, social empowerment and Sustainable Development Goals achievement worldwide.  – Isabella Gassama-Luschin,Corporate Citizenship and Communications, IBM Österreich



Training  programme Partners (Erasmus+)



  University in Olomouc, Czech Republic

Palacký University, Olomouc is the oldest university in Moravia and the second-oldest in the Czech Republic. See more at Wikipedia

    University in Padua, Italy

The University of Padua is a premier Italian university located in the city of Padua, Italy. The University of Padua was founded in 1222 as a school of law and was one of the most prominent universities in early modern Europe. See more at  Wikipedia

 Lauder Business School, Austria

Lauder Business School is a business school in Vienna, Austria, operating as a “University of Applied Sciences” in the Austrian education system. See more at Wikipedia


Local partner organizations or institutions


The actual list of our local partner organizations or institutions that involved in the development, implementation and delivered of our successfully proof of concept projects can be viewed or downloaded  here


Knowledge for Development without Borders (KFDWB)

Knowledge for Development without Borders (KFDWB) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 2014 and based in Vienna, Austria. KFDWB provides Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills and knowledge to people around the world with information on sustainable development issues and practices. It includes learning and interaction tools between members and users to face challenges of the 21st century in their local communities.

Our efforts to support sustainable development progress are broad and diverse, but a core element of all our efforts is to work closely with civil society, international development agencies, and local communities to meet urgent local needs as well as to empower local citizens to know, understand, secure and enforce their roles, responsibilities, and engagements for the success of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The internet and its applications provide a wide range of benefits to everyone. But it also requires specific basic skills and knowledge to use different internet devices effectively in order to improve one’s personal and professional development. More precisely, it means that without these skills and knowledge individuals are not in a position to do research (e.g. looking for a job), send out emails, get connected with people, or receive online information about how to set up your own business.

We, Knowledge for Development without Borders (KFDWB), believe that in the 21st century, human sustainable development inevitably requires open access to information, knowledge, communication and technology (ICT) consistent to the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Therefore, KFDWB supports local, marginalized and underprivileged communities in often forgotten places with fitted ICT skills and tools to deal with their daily challenges on a personal and professional level.

More specifically, we are focused to equip students, graduates, young girls, women, and adults in need with ICT skills adjusted to their needs. These skills can be used to research for job advertisements, free online courses, health issues, legal consulting, women’s rights, climate change topics, local institutional addresses, and many other resources in accordance to the SDGs. Additionally, we help people to set up their own businesses and keep them updated with new technological trends.

We have developed – successfully many proof of concepts across Africa (see more here) – You can access to the vision of our organization about the knowledge for development here

We are actively seeking partners and sponsors range from Ministries of Education and Training, Higher Education and Research, Science, Technology and Innovation, and Youth, donors, civil society organizations, private sector entities, community organizations and other organizations working in ICT, innovation and education development space to support our “Skills for development Training” project in Africa.

The focus of the cooperation which we are willing to establish with your institution or organization is our programme for ICT trainings for the most vulnerable in different countries in Africa (we have already established partnerships in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, Niger, Botswana, Burkina Faso and we are in a process of establishing new partnerships with NGOs in other African countries).

We wish to use a cloud based ICT trainings  and on field practices in order to provide high quality ICT education at the same time ensuring low costs and high reach (due to the online based training sessions). Our goal is to increase the access to education for women and girls in Africa through cloud based trainings.

Therefore, we see this cooperation as an opportunity to combine the efforts to provide the access to ICT knowledge for women and girls as well as the most vulnerable people in Africa through these combined actions:

– implementing cloud based ICT trainings and on field practices for women and girls and the most vulnerable in different African countries.

-spread the information about the ethics of internet and the benefits of its applications to students, farmers, women, girls and the underprivileged people in different African countries.

-implementing counter terrorism and abuse on the internet on the actual trends of web by holding ICT project.

-raising awareness of the environment by holding ICT projects on the actual trends of the climate change and encouraging the usage of ICT in the fight against the climate change.

-raising awareness of the dangerous aspects of the illegal immigration practices by holding ICT projects on the actual trends of the illegal immigration and encouraging the usage of ICT in the fight against illegal immigration.


We would highly appreciate it if you would consider cooperating with us and please let us know if you need any additional information from us. You can download our partnership description auch here.  For information about how to participate, please contact (

You can also become  our national or international partner.  We look for partners range from Ministries of Education and Training, Higher Education and Research, Science, Technology and Innovation, and Youth, donors, civil society organizations, private sector entities, community organizations and other organizations working in ICT, innovation and education development space.

Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given the chance to understand, know and play his or her  role in sustainable development. That’s what we’re doing. ~ KFDWB

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