The world today constantly needs innovations in information and knowledge connectivity to positively impact people’s lives. We are happy to have IBM Austria as our partner,  supporting us to bring volunteers around the world together by connecting them with relevant information and knowledge for learning and economic empowerment. Taking a leading role in technology, IBM is an inspiration for us and generations to come in the way they use technology to bring together people through social collaboration tools. The IBM grant of Connections (Read more here), a social collaboration platform, helps our 800+ volunteers to connect over country boarders (StayConnecteD4Dev), to share successful development practices, education materials and discuss their issues on the ground.

You can also become  our national or international partner.  Please feel free to complete  this  form (here) to tell us in which area you would like to engage with us or help us. Our public relation department  will connect with you for the next step. Thank you for your support.