How does the process work?



The KFDWB strategy involves working directly with community individuals, NGOs and local/national responsible bodies to provide accurate information and knowledge of the situation on the ground. The information we receive is complied into a case study that is subsequently reviewed and verified locally prior to submitting to the donor community. This service allows for accurate evaluation of the situation for the donor community, resulting in focused decision-making for successful intervention at the community level.

Will all of our staff be volunteers?

No. We intend to set up our office in the near future in Vienna, Austria. Staff that will be employed will be paid. Their function will be to coordinate the response of donor support request with both donor agencies and local authorities.

How is KFDWB funded?

KFDWB is an NGO, whose liability is limited solely to the assets of the NGO. The work of the NGO will be financed though sustainable development activities (e.g. services support to SDGs) and the contributions of public and private foundations and funds, through public fund-raising and other contributions.

How do we verify what our volunteers report?

All suspected information and knowledge we receive must be verified with inspection on ground. We report, categorize, classify data, information and knowledge on our a central database from live experience on the ground that we can demonstrate, share and show live with all without restriction. We respect private data, private knowledge and private information.

Two people at the same location give two conflicting accounts. How do we resolve their differences?

We report only what we see, what we can verify and what we can prove.

How do we get people to do this watching and reporting?

We mobilize volunteers and work hand-in-hand with the local populations, local media, local NGOs, local governments, private and public institutions, international development organizations, local community practices, etc. to explore the accuracy of reported information.

How do we protect people who may give accounts that their government doesn’t want them to report?

We provide a assistance report form that does not require the name of the person reporting to us to be included, i.e. you can remain anonymous on our database. We do however require an email in order to make contact with you if you are willing to do so. We will respect your privacy at all times.

How can I be become a volunteer?

Please complete the volunteer membership form to join us as a volunteer. A volunteer is a person who can: let us know of the situation on the ground; share  educational materials on our StayConnecteD4Dev: Community Learning Center to help others in their capacity building; hold a video conference on our StayConnecteD4Dev; share developmental practices with us; connect us with key national, regional and international development institutions for collaboration; represent our organisation and implement our approach in your country, region or locality

Anyone can become a volunteer. We ask volunteers to share this website in their social networks in order to help others around the world to identify and share their development issues and/or development best practices on the ground.


Do we fund development projects?

No, we do not fund development projects.