Better Information, Knowledge and JobSkills for Everyone by 2030

ICT and internet can provide a wide range of benefits to users. That requires specific skills and knowledge. People who lack ICT skills, knowledge and understanding are limited in reaching out opportunities: jobs, business development and management, information sharing, SDGs, online courses, issues of health, legal, Women’s rights, climate change, peace, addresses, institutions, companies etc. – Read more here. We have had a wonderful training experience in Ghana, Volta region (Read more here), and in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Digialization for social Justice – No one should be left behing – Spread the love

Digital storytelling is a creative, critical, and powerful way to help in education and in social justice.

Access to information, knowledge and jobskills for all to save the planet – The Agenda 2030 is an important strategic document signed in 2015 by the 193 ONU member Countries. The Program includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals which guides world on the way forward over the next 15 years.

No one should be left behind, and no human right ignored

Volunteering & SDGs in Austria. No one should be left behind – spread the love. Some SDGs solutions are already available in part, but many people are not informed and struggle to insert them into an overall picture and towards a goal. In this sense, we believe in the enormous power of connecting people and providing them with the right tools and knowledge. The 2030 Agenda is universal, applying to all countries and actors. That is why our – Project team – volunteerism and teamwork – “Nachhaltige Entwicklung – Agenda 2030 / SDGs mit Schwerpunkt Digitalisierung und JobSkills in Österreich” are convinced of the necessity of making its objectives palpable for all strata of society and to involve all.