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 How to be a partner?

KFDWB works through partnerships in respective countries of action, who provide local support. Therefore, for continuing implementing our projects, we are always happy to welcome new partner organizations.

We believe strongly in partnerships. We are willing to  work with a diverse array of stakeholders through what we call multi-stakeholder partnerships. These partnerships are critical in our work because development is a vital but complex and dynamic process that requires everyone with a stake to pitch in.

We look for partners range from Ministries of Education and Training, Higher Education and Research, Science, Technology and Innovation, and Youth, donors, civil society organizations, private sector entities, community organizations and other organizations working in ICT, innovation and education development space.

What we need:

We are looking for organizations in mainly African countries and worldwide. For a successful partnership we demand serious commitment to fully execute our trainings and cooperation. Usually, it is the task of the local partner to provide a room with fully functional computers and a stable internet connection. Further, a teacher assistant needs to be present during the course.

The selection of participants would also be your duty. Additionally, you would need to find local institutions or enterprises which would be willing to accept a participant for practical training. All in all, you would need to ensure the smooth implementation locally.

 What we offer:

We provide Knowledge and skills based trainings on development like basic Information and Communication Technology (ICT).  We possess large resources on trainings and a cloud platform through which you will be able to access the information. We can coordinate training courses as well as provide the materials, content and certificates

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