Ghana: Field Based Data

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Banda Ahenkro

Banda widows need assistance for tractor which will help us expand our farms to increase more income for our livelihood and our children education.

Reporter: Sie Kwas Owusu Williams

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Our continent has a youthful population and it is estimated that Africa will have the world’s leading population according to statistics. However, despite the exponential increase, we are yet to witness actions and policies that will cope with the projected situation. Thus if much is not directed to equipping these youth with the needed skills and training at organisational, societal and national levels, its consequences on society could not be quenched.

Ezone Africa-ghana is a non-government organization that promotes youth development through Sports using soccer/athletics as the vehicle to raise awareness of the powerful role that sports can play in the lives of youth with deprived communities as our focus. We organise gatherings and inculcate into teenagers and young adults unadulterated informed education, on how to make insightful choices, psyching them through positive thinking to embrace challenges and take responsible choices in pursuit of necessary change for individual and societal good. The concept of our initiative is to the optimum fact that, most of our up-coming youth in the rural communities are much equipped with talents, but due to the lack of adequate resources, support and guidance, they rather give up and render their lives to alcoholism, smoking, stealing and all forms of social vices that mar their promising future which, in the long run poses a burden and threat to their families, communities and nation on to the continent at large. Through no fault of theirs, we have realised that they resort to such vices when they are unable to climb further the academic ladder owning to but not limited to:

  1. Financial constraints 2. Poor academic performance 3. Poor parental care and guidance 4. Unavailability of mentorship programs 5. Hostility of living environment

In our interactions and survey, we realised that great talents abound in these deprived communities. Our impression and information gathered was that sports is a powerful tool to organize, mentor and train the future leaders who otherwise would not be inspired and guided to unleash their potentials with slimmer chances of breaking this undesired vicious cycle. We engage the hearts and minds of the youth with active sports not only to make them fit but create a platform where they could envisage a better future and reach for them while having fun in the process because we are aware the devil finds work for the idle hands. OUR VISION • To become a social enterprise committed to equipping the youth in deprived communities practical skills through sports and IT to be responsible future leaders • To provide basic education for street kids and youth. • To provide equal opportunity for both educated and non-educated children and youth. • To provide humanitarian services to deprived and slum communities. • To render support to help the poor and to reduce the extreme poverty through self-help projects and skills training.

OUR MISSION • We exist to engage the hearts and minds of the youth while having fun • To reduce unemployment, eradicate child mortality, school drop-outs, street children and child trafficking in the communities. • To use all means to improve the environment to be habitable by all. • To educate and challenge the youth on how to learn and teach others on most positive notes and pursue entrepreneurship

OUR AIM AND OBJECTIVES • To discover and develop young energetic youth right from school while giving them the needed exposure to grow and build useful talents and partnership. • To encourage creativity, interpersonal skills and knowledge in young adults. • To promote vibrant peer entrepreneurial networks to encourage synergy and cross fertilization of ideas. • To reduce incidence of school drop outs, streetism, child trafficking and youth unemployment in our communities. • To bring together mentors and mentees (our students) to share experience and urge them on to greater heights. • To educate and challenge the youth on how to learn and inspire others. • To help educate and train up physically challenged youth on both technical and vocational skills to be productive. • Eroding the philosophy of incapability and promote the moral of “I CAN DO SPIRIT” in the lives of the people in deprived communities. OUR TARGET GROUP AND OPERATIONAL AREAS Our substantial focus leis relatively to support the less privileged youth within our rural communities in Ghana. Oftentimes youth from these communities frequent the urban cities in search of non existing jobs where they engage in societal vices to make ends meet. We shall focus on persons between the ages of twelve to nineteen {12-19} as that is a crucial time in transition process. We shall work in communities that fall under the district level as those areas mostly lack amenities and infrastructure to excite the youth and provide them the needed platform to exhibit what they can do to help themselves and their district or communities. The Bosomtwe District where we have first worked and have established a sorting academy consists of fifty-Six {56} towns and villages in its` surrounding borders and our project of services extended to all without leaving any and with no prejudices.

ACTIVITIES and FORM In line with our vision and object of our existence, our team will engage the youth with active and popular sports and teach hands on IT training. Where necessary we will work with other entrepreneurs and institutions in the field of vocational and technical training that will make the youth job creators other than job seekers. Since we have already advanced strategies into such a project pertaining to this kind, we have the qualified knowledge of how to organise and to maintain progress right from start to the finishing line productively. Working with a team of competent and knowledgeable persons, we therefore leave no pace for lapses. We work to product absolute result within a giving time in accordance to plans without delay. This project aims to establish SOCCER ACADEMIES / RECREATIONAL CENTRES at every district in Ghana.

We use sports to touch lives and educate the upcoming youth on these areas: • Career Guidance/Life Choices • Entrepreneurship and Skills Training • Adolescence And Dealing With Its Related Issues • Domestic violence • Moral Rights Of A Citizen • Leadership Training


Ho,Volta region

Supporting the sick,homeless aged and orphans with free food and health care services alongside research and development for cure to natural cure to chronic diseases… We need support to support this issues as the aged are neglected because of cultural belief system in the rural areas.

Reporter: Marcus Matthew

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Banda Ahenkro

Banda District is farming community and all the people living in the District are farmers so as if we get assistance like tractors the members can expand their farms and increase income for livelihood.

Reporter: Sie Kwas Owusu Williams

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Town, Nyankpala

No toilet facilities: In my town the residence are face with the problem of toilet facilities. Women, children and men do their own thing in the bush. the worse part it is in the raining season when some residence fence land to do farming leaving no space for defecation. The problem is so serious that, I could see a woman in broad light defecation in the open. The problem is that people do not have funds to construct toilet facilities in their homes.

My humble wish is that this problem will be solve for residence to have their dignity, especially, women and children.

Reporter: Issah Issifu