Individual Supporters

The internet can provide a wide range of benefits to the user (job research, job advertisements, information concerning SDGs, free online courses, health, legal, Women’s rights, climate change, peace, addresses, institutions, companies etc.) but it requires specific skills and knowledge to use internet devices effectively for Sustainable Development.

Through your contribution, our team would be able to reach more, deliver and support several trainings on ICT for development as follows:

Can help one vulnerable user to join our  cloud platform not as a guest but as a user to explore more opportunities, and to empower her/his business with a collaboration environment that delivers the content and expertise she/he need to get work done.
Can help one trainee to pay mobile credit to participate in online education and skills training.
Can help one trainee to borrow a notebook and access to internet.
can help us develop platform content and training materials.
Can support a vulnerable group, enabling them become digital literate and promote their small businesses online and inform and organize their community.
Can fund a Hotspot in urban and remote area which would open up access to online education courses and help young people envision digital employment possibilities.
Can support a vulnerable group to have access to computers, laptops, smartphones and/or beamers that would make a huge difference and facilitate education and training in areas where people have no other.

Thank you for your support!