Sierra Leone: Field Based Data

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The Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak is proving to have a wider security, economic and livelihood impact in the entire Sierra Leone. Restrictions on movement out of, into and within affected districts have resulted in a shortage of availability of goods and services. Five out of the fourteen districts in Sierra Leone are currently under quarantine accounting for 2,448,297 people. Medical goods needed to respond to the outbreak and goods to meet basic needs (i.e. food and water) are in shorter supply due to transport limitations. In recent times there has been increased tensions and in some cases violent attacks on health personnel (burial teams, etc), which have been recorded from Kono, Port Loko and Freetown. Other major security issues include stick actions or demonstrations by health workers and volunteers. In almost all the districts, there have been demonstrations mainly over delay in the payment of hazard incentives and protection issues. The impact of these demonstrations across the country do not only purse a security treat but also militate against actions in containing the EVD virus. Many patient; both EVD positive and those with other health concerns are left un-attended when these strike actions arise.
Reporter: Mr Jonathan Conteh