Swaziland: Field Based Data

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Village, Town

Newly release ex offenders find themselves with no option but to return to prisons due to lack of facilities to help them reintegrate back into their communities as useful citizens. SACRO has 40 workshops for leasing out to rehabilitated offenders mainly women and youth. We need equipment they can use that will ensure they put into practise that which they learnt during incarceration. We also realize that the officials doing the rehabilitation need trauma therapy but none is availed in the country hence this results in domestic violence. There is also the issue of orphans who have ended up in the streets which we try and reconcile with their families after they have suffered abuse either from step parents or relatives of a parent(s) who may have died due to the scourge of Aids which hit the country in a big way. We also need funding to advocate for a fairer criminal justice system in line with the UN Minimum Rules in line with international obligations which the country committed to.

Reporter: Mr Desmond Lee Nkosinathi