Case Study Tanzania

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Subject: Support for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children

The primary problems in the area include the prevalence of HIV/AIDS, poverty, drought in some areas , incapacitation due to illness, and a growing number of orphaned and vulnerable children (OVCs). To combat these problems, CCDO currently supports approximately 250 OVCs/ MVCs and 103 People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs) by fulfilling their nutritional and clinical needs and providing them with small soft loans fund, counselling and referral hospital services, tailoring and ICT training that is relevant to their needs, and education. In spite of the efforts of CCDO, there are still many unmet needs in Iringa. With additional funding CCDO will be able to expand and improve its services to the community, including: 1) Providing Healthcare to OVCs/ MVCs and PLWHAs; 2) Ensuring that 250 OVCs /MVCs Complete Basic Education; 3) Providing OVCs/ MVCs with Adequate and Secure Shelter; 4) Improving the Psychosocial Well-Being of 250/MVCs/ OVCs and 1500 PLWHAs; 5) Improving the Nutritional Status and Food Security of OVCs/MVCs and PLWHAs; 6) Fighting Social Stigma and Improving Legal Rights of OVCs/ MVCs and PLWHAs and 7) Providing Home-Based Care services since Home-based care is an approach to prevention and care with combined clinical services and nursing care, counselling psychological and spiritual support. This represents a continuation of care from health facilities to community, family, and individuals with HIV/AIDS. The home-based care project of CCDO is a powerful tool in fighting stigma and discrimination in the community. Through home-based care, CCDO promotes the message that HIV/AIDS infection does not mean death is at hand. CCDO in Iringa’s trained home-carers are committed to strengthening the capacity of families to support family members living with HIV/AIDS. We aim to improve the health and prolong the lives of PLWHAs through treatment of opportunistic infections, provision of antiretrovirals, and nutritional support. We will implement each of these goals one by one depending on our funding. Currently we are focusing on achieving the first goal of providing healthcare to OVCs/MVCs and PLWHAs through purchasing medical equipment and supplies.

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