Training reporting: ICT for sustainable development training in Malo Island (Vanuatu)



The focus of this training was to equip adult persons – local leaders of Vanuatu – with basic ICT skills and as a result to make them agents of development in the local communities and enable them the access for knowledge and skills of the basic ICT. These skills which the participants received in this training will facilitate them their future work in their communities.


Sustainability and especially sustainable farming is an important goal in development regarding social and economic as well as environmental concerns. Teaching the local people about the use of ICT for searching for information about this topic and the better practices enables a larger spread of knowledge in order to finally reach this goal.


20.12. 2016 to 22.12. 2016. 3 hours were intended for each day. There were 2 trainers using co-teaching; a local facilitator and a remote trainer who were delivering the training via cloud platform. The training was attended by 13 participants coming from different working environment. Some of them were diverse local leaders like provincial area counselors, provincial area secretary, Island council of chief representative, village council of chief representatives, church leaders, community leaders, youth leaders, women leader, school heads and clinic health workers.

The main topics covered during the training:

– Basic parts of the computer, switching on/off the computer, basic Microsoft Word skills

– Internet, its benefits, internet research

– E-mail – benefits, setting up an e-mail account, sending and receiving an e-mail



The participants learned the essentials of Computer, the use of Internet and Microsoft Word program. They learned how to search for the information on Google and how to set up a personal e-mail account. They learned to send, receive and reply an e-mail.

The report can be downloaded or viewed here.

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