Ms. Caroline Lercher Tauber


Ms. Caroline Lercher Tauber

Department of Operation and Management

Caroline just finished her undergraduates in Cultural and Social Anthropology. In her studies, she took different courses regarding international development and understood quickly how important it is, to consider the culture, language and mentality of different societies. The Agenda 2030 of the SDGs were an important impact on her work interest. In different projects, she already gained experiences in project management and PR. She is very committed to working with children and empowering them to realise their dreams and show them a better world. Furthermore, she wants to make people, communities as well as their cultures visible and value everyone’s story to engage in a friendlier world. She wants to make a difference in the world and is convinced that the SDGs can impact that vision.
For her internship at KFDWB, she will be analysing the Regional Academy Proposal and how it can be realised. Also, she will examine the impact of the Project Proposal on the mitigation of climate change. The research aims are to show the importance of local projects and to work with the individual communities.

Below is Ms. Caroline Lercher Tauber’s project proposal

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Below is the research work conducted as part of the project

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Below are the video presentations produced as the part of the project except KFDWB Regional Academy Proposal video

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