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Stundents & Volunteers

The core process of our Trainee Programme is to equip our trainees with the Job skills development they need to access with success to local or an international Job placement in the future. Our organization is comitted to that. Our Trainee Programme is always a small project based internship which means the Trainee will work on a small Project with a common agreement on the outcome of project delivery.

We are very flexible. On a common agreement we can offer you also an internship based on an open project that you can develop in the area of your interest! You just need to adapt your project proposal to the value and mission of our organization.

Join our Innovative Student, Volunteer Placements Opportunities in the heart of Vienna! Students or Volunteers are welcome. We are currently looking for dedicated and ambitious individuals trainees to help us develop and lead our program. At this stage, volunteers are unpaid. Before applying please read the reporting of our latest Erasmus+ student โ€“ Before applying please read the reporting of our latest Erasmus+ student โ€“ click here for more details

Available Positions

The available Positions on full or part time basis can be found here

Please iIf you do not find an opening that matches with your career inspiration – do not be discouraged. Just connect with us. We will find the right one for you. While your job description may not be relevant in the future, you can ensure the skills you bring to the table are. With some forethought and planning, you can take control of your future career today. The key is not so much how skilled you are at predicting what will happen, it is how attuned you are to the early indications of …

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