Overseas Training

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…. experience based learning on our last trainings; West Africa is not ready for MOOCs culture due to lof of factors. Lot of efforts and sacrifices need to be done directly on the ground in which our idea of creation a regional physical academy to support the MOOCs evolution processes in the region ……

So, while some, even a significant number, of individuals in developing countries may benefit substantially from the appearance and success of MOOCs, there is significant doubt that in their current form they will provide a significant platform for expanding the higher education needs of developing countries to match the expansion of opportunities in the developed world over the last few decades. “Meaningful access to ICT comprises far more than merely providing computer and internet connections. Access to ICT is em-bedded in a complex array of factors encompassing physical, digital, human and social resources and relationships. Content and language, literacy and education, and community and institutional structures must all be considered if meaningful access to new technologies to be provided (War Schauer, 2003)

Some pictures of our delivered skills for development trainining in progress. Due to lack of resources, we suspend temporarily the training. We are also thinking about a creation of regional accademy in west Africa where the trainings will be held online and offline / contact us if you need any further information

in Burkina Faso / ICT Training in Ouagadougou

in Niger / Monitoring air pollution

in Cameroon / ICT training for girls in rural area in Yaounde

in Ghana / Mobile phone apps for sustainable agriculture in Ghana

in Botswana / Capacity training on ICT for young school leavers

in Kenya / Basic ICT training for youths in Nyayo Embakasi, Kenya

in Nigeria / Basic ICT Training for Underprivileged Youths in Nigeria

in Nigeria / Basic ICT Training for teenagers involved in family Farming in Abuja, Nigeria

in Vanuatu / ICT for sustainable development training in Malo Island (Vanuatu)

in Ghana / Basic ICT Skills Training for girls in Ghana