Volunteer Job: Regional Manager (m/f)

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Are you interested in international development, the SDGs, ICT in development or in global education and training? Are you interested in cloud-based solution to promote education,  measurement of impacts, advocacy skills, capacity building focused on knowledge of the SDGs, social empowerment and development worldwide?

Our cloud-based solution seeks to host, manage, share, and disseminate relevant knowledge in the local and official education languages of the communities using our platform, and to facilitate  Entrepreneurship and SME Management Training, job skills training, connections and networking between individuals and groups dedicated to sustainable development.

Are you looking for a volunteer placement, or  Erasmus+?  Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if one of our current positions is suitbale to your skills and needs.

We are currently looking for interested

Volunteers,  Regional Manager (m/f)

Location: Country/Worldwide

We are currently looking for an interested Volunteer to be engaged as a Regional Manager in the NGO Knowledge for Development Without Borders (KFDWB)

Summary: The Regional Manager will work closely with the regional, and international Marketing Team in the implementation of KFDWB´s projects (e.g.cloud- platform)  at regional level  where there is a need, including  the coordination of development services, trainings, events, seminars, workshops and activities with internal and external development  agencies/organizations, the support of the design and implementation of development aid  field  support operation strategies, the planning of targets, the promotion  of KFDWB to local  and international NGOs  at regional level as well as to development institutions among other activities.

Your tasks:

  • Working closely with the Operative Team and the Marketing Team Manager
  • Participating in the moderation and updating of our platform
  • Providing the support-based clients and stakeholders.
  • Recruit and identify local partner organization for training delivery/identify the training courses.
  • Facilitating communication among volunteer groups, stakeholders.
  • Working hand in hand with local or regional volunteers.
  • Supervising and managing ongoing projects at regional level.
  • Serving as a chair of volunteer groups.
  • Work and negotiate with multiple local/regional development agencies, government personalities and CSOs (NGOs, CBOs).
  • Assisting in grant seeking for future project.
  • Conducting a performance evaluation on a potential volunteer or subcontractor.
  • Coordinating a large-scale project, scheduling coordination and alignment of skills for the implementation.
  • Reviewing the scale and size of the project at hand.
  • Conducting a cost-benefit analysis to determine an outside vendor to use for specific project.
  • Overseeing volunteers’ work and adhere to the contract.
  • Develop a plan to determine if a new program offering or product is actually serving its intended purpose.
  • Planning, implementing and evaluation of field support operations
  • Initiating, organizing and actively supporting the cultural change towards development aid support mechanism as core topic for KFDWB


Your profil:

  • Trust and great interest in the empowerment of local people to set up initiatives themselves.
  • Field experience in the participation of development aid operations, preferable in the field of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Proven strategic planning, organization and implementation of development aid support operations mechanism, including team management and reporting skills
  • Excellent communication skills in English and French (written and oral) required
  • High degree of flexibility and a willingness to travel internationally if the need arises
  • Proficient in dealing with different cultures
  • Dedication and passion for development aid support mechanism values and issues


NGO KFDWB offers:

  • A dynamic and pleasant working environment in a motivated volunteer team within a new development aid model perspective.
  • A fully integrated and respectful partnership within an international organization
  • An attractive working place in the future with international development aid support mechanism know-how


Feel free to visit the company website for more information: www.knowledgefordevelopmentwithoutborders.org

Please send all Applications to our recruitment department under the mail address: info.k4dwb@gmail.com

We look forward to your applications and possibly welcoming you into our team.

The KFDWB Team at Headquarters, Vienna, Austria