Training reporting: Free basic ICT Skills Training for girls in Ghana



The focus of this training was to equip young girls with basic ICT skills and as a result make them agents of development who will continue to educate other children in the communities.


In Ghana, like in many other countries, girls continue to struggle to receive the access to education. One of the main goals of KFDWB is the empowerment of women and girls through education. The ability to use a computer and Internet is one of the recourses, which can provide work possibilities and help the women and girls to exchange the information and to expand their social network. Therefore, KFDWB believe that providing the free ICT training contributes to their empowerment.


The training was delivered over the course of 3 days from 17.10. 2016 to 19.10. 2016. 2 hours training were intended for a day. There were 3 trainers using co-teaching; one local facilitator and two remote trainers who were delivering the training via cloud platform. The training was attended by 22 participants, all of them girls.

The main topics covered during the training:

– Basic parts of the computer, switching on/off the computer, basic Microsoft Word skills

– Internet, its benefits, internet research

– E-mail – benefits, setting up an e-mail account, sending and receiving an e-mail



The participants learned the essentials of Computer, the use of Internet and Microsoft Word program. They learned how to search for things on Google (e.g. they were searching for ,,jobs Nigeria‘‘, ,,health‘‘, ,,woman rights‘‘ and so on) and how to set up a personal e-mail account. They learned to send, receive and reply an e-mail.



“Thank you for three days training lesson. We appreciate you for guiding us to know more about computer.”



The report can be downloaded or viewed here.

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