Training reporting: BASIC ICT FOR YOUTHS in Nyayo Embakasi, Kenya



Participants get to know the basics of computers and internet skills for doing research and working with it.


Computers and internet can provide many benefits but not all people have the skills to exploit these benefits. With providing the participants with the basic knowledge, enabling them to access this world of an online community, the can acquire more skills and opportunities in order to succeed in life.


A three-days workshop was offered for a small number of people. The training consisted of theoretical as well as practical parts. The participants learned about the basics of using a computer and programs such as Microsoft word. They also learned about how to use the internet to research topics like job advertisements, health, legal rights, institutions, peace and SDGs. Finally, they were educated on how to use e-mails and how to set up an e-mail account.


The participants were equipped with skills to enter the online world, enabling them to gain more knowledge about different topics and increasing their opportunities on the job market.

The report can be downloaded or viewed here

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