Training reporting: Harnessing the power of Mobile phone apps for sustainable agriculture in Ghana



The aim of this training was to teach students of the University of Cape Coast about sustainable agriculture as well as smartphone skills and how this combination could be helpful.


Sustainability and especially sustainable farming is an important goal in development regarding social and economic as well as environmental concerns. Teaching students about the importance of this topic and how they can find out about better practices enables a larger spread of knowledge in order to finally reach this goal.


In a three-days workshop, the students learned first in a theoretical part about sustainable agriculture and farming practices, as well as about mobile apps and ways to do research and finally how mobile devices can support sustainable agriculture via apps such as agrivi, Esoko, Famerline or Cocoalink. The training was partly given locally and partly remotely via a cloud platform with the participant’s own smartphones.


The participants are now able to engage in sustainable farming with the help of mobile applications. Further, they can teach others about the support of mobile devices, spreading the knowledge of sustainability.


,,This training must be given to all agricultural student and farmers in all agricultural institutions and localities to help in accessing of agricultural information and improving the quality of farming and marketing.‘‘

,,Gaining workshop training will equip me to understand and have a in-depth knowledge about the venture I’m entering. Goal setting and self-assessment will also contribute in my skill development for my future job.‘‘

,, The skills above will help me collect data from farmers for office use and will also have good inter personal relation with farmers.‘‘


The report can be downloaded or viewed here

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