Training reporting: Harnessing the power of Mobile phone apps for Air pollution Monitoring at Abdou Moumouni University

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The focus of this training was to equip students of the Abdou Moumouni University with basic smartphone skills combined with knowledge about air pollution and how mobile devices can be used to track and monitor air pollution.


By educating students, the students themselves become agents of development, and empowered as such they are able to continue educating their peers in the communities about pressing global development issues such as air pollution and climate change


The students received a three-days workshop. First, they learned about air pollution, greenhouse effect and ozone layer depletion as well as their respective causes, effects and potential prevention.  Second, they got to know monitoring apps such as Breezo Meter or uHoo and how to use them in a more practical part.  Afterwards, a training evaluation questionnaire and a satisfaction survey would be filled out.


After completing the training, participants are free to join our Community of Practices, where they have access to training materials and can gain more knowledge on ICT and other development issues.


 ,,I congratulate and warmly encourage all  the initiators of this training, who kindly shared their expertise. Thank you for all this treasure which is useful for scientific, social and health development in the world. Thanks also to all the participants who shared with us this fruitful moment in Niamey. However I suggest to integrate other air pollution applications by taking into account the African environment. Thanks so much.”

 ,, It seems to me important to thank you for having selected me in this training. For these three days of the training, we had the opportunity to learn new knowledge and skills. These will be very precious to us for the realization of our projects to come.”

The report can be downloaded or viewed here

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