Ms. Isabella Jaffe


Department of Operation and Management

Isabella has been involved with KFDWB since February 2018. Isabella is a native Californian and worked as a Recruiting Coordinator and Vendor Manager in San Francisco until moving to Vienna in the summer of 2017 for study. She received a BA in International Relations and German from California State University, Chico. While attending college, Isabella developed a strong sense of devotion to international development, particularly international education. This was a source of motivation for joining KFDWB , which she feels offers invaluable knowledge and skills for development opportunities for poor people all over the world. Isabella has  worked on the project “Combatting Violence and Extremism”.

Below is Isabella’s s project proposal

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Below is the research work conducted as part of the project

Below are the video presentations produced as the part of the project

Isabella has developped the following e-learning materials during her practice

Additional Resources: Why has Nigeria failed to deal with recurrent violence in Plateau state?

Additional Resources: The war in the desert. Why the Sahara is terror’s new front line

Mitigation irregular migration

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