Ms. Julia Elena Ascarrunz Brinati


Department of Operation and Management

My name is Julia Elena Ascarrunz Brinati, a Bolivian Anthropologist pursuing my Masters Degree in Local Development at the University of Padua. Throghout my studies in Bolivia, my interest on the diversity of human cultures and the emerging need to understand the different processes of mankind to search and reach well-being has lead me to find the Master I am currently enrolled which has increased my and passion for working with the communities, stakeholders and civil society members in the framework of the SDG goals. I was awarded a schollarship by LATINECO to develop my bachelor thesis project entitled “Among shifts and waxt’as: climate change and water management in a peasant community affected by melting of Illimani glacier”. I am member of the Anthropologists Association of La Paz (ADA La Paz) and worked as researcher in the Archaeological and Anthropological Research Institute in the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés working with andean and amazonic communities of Bolivia.With this knowledge I worked as well as guide in the “Bolivian Andean Textile Museum” and in the Cultural Department of the Oficialía Mayor de Culturas, both institutions based in La Paz, Bolivia. I am passionate about motivating and empowering local citizens to set up their own sustainable development initiatives and getting them actively involved in local development challenges. I am also particularly interested on topics related to human rights, in the fields of migration, equality, gender, aid and youth.

As I prepare for an exciting Project Development career, I am eager to gain a more detailed understanding of the field by collaborating with an experienced team and K4DWB has given me the opportunity to join their team as an intern in the framework of Erasmus+ as a way to expand the acquired tools and put in practice the valuable experiences I had as a student and researcher in Bolivia and in Italy.

Below is Ms. Julia Elena Ascarrunz Brinati’s project proposal

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Below is the research work conducted as part of the project

Ms. Julia Elena Ascarrunz Brinati has developed a business plan for the regional social Academy in West Africa. The business plan is available only on resquest.

Below are the video presentations produced as the part of the project


This is a successfully Erasmus+ training project. Thanks for your great commitment and cooperation ~ KFDWB Training Management Team ~ Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given the chance to understand, know and play his or her role in sustainable development. That’s what we’re doing. ~ KFDWB

Competence acquired during and after the training: research, project management, time management, business development, presentation, work ethics, effective communication, analytical thinking, diplomacy, change-readiness, problem solving, leadership and team building skills; all of which are key skills in today’s competitive job market.

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