An open Cooperative Sustainability Centre in Togo (Lomé), where members are also owners. An independent Platform which offers enormous benefits to African, European and worldwide citizens in the scope of local and global (glocal) sustainable development…

Transforming and tailoring open knowledge and open education resources into local skills, know-how, practices and knowledge for sustainable development.

As long as helping others is a fundamental part of what makes us human, we are then calling worldwide for possible assistances that help us to make this Sustainability Centre happen!

Please find below videos, information and additional resource in german, french, english related to the project idea for downloading.

A Sustainable development centre that aims to translate global scientific and cultural knowledge for sustainable development into local skills, knowledge, practices, know-how and glocal love for long term sustainable development.

Edgar Morin : “Je souhaite que les pays africains n’oublient pas leur culture”:

Here our legal operations Quitus, Zulassung, Admission in Togo.

Do you want, or your organisation wants to support, to participate in the development of this project? Below the E-Mail contact of the Project Team as well as our Organisation’s data.

Contact the Project Team:

Project’s Reference: SustCenterTGLomE
Bank Account Owner: Wissen für Entwicklung Ohne Grenzen (WFEOG), Knowledge For
IBAN: AT482011182761543900
TAX ID: 07298/7571
Europa/PIC Number: 908234669
Europa/Organisation ID: E10114489
NGO-ID / ZVR: 271888611, Austria §13(1) 2002, BGBI. I Nr. 66/2002, Vienna

Join us to make it together happen.
Dankeschön, Merci beaucoup, Thank you, Gracias, شكرا جزيلا, etc. !