Please let for free the wider audience know about your community’s current developmental challenges and needs

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We are collecting data on current development situations on the ground. Consequently, we are writing reports / development of case studies / on local development issues and challenges available online to development organizations and responsible local and national bodies in order to improve targeted development interventions. The following graphic describes how it works.

To let the wider audience know about your community’s current developmental needs, please fill out the form below. Please note: Any report must be locally assessed before it can be included in our database, and we do not encourage or support any political reporting. The form does not require you to fill in your name (you can be anonymous in our database), however, it does require you to share an email address in order to contact you for the next level.

…No one sould be left behind / No one could ever do it right at your place as local community members…

Thank you to all those who contributed to the collection of information for the sustainable development of their locality. This is an exceptional opportunity for everyone to express themselves directly, or by anonymity on hot topics to the development of their locality. When you have sustainable development troubles at your place and you do not cry for help, no one came to your rescue..It’s an opportunity to do it below in different languages.

You can find here the development aid supoort requests we have collected so far via our volunteers local reporters or observers …

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