Mrs. Claudia Alvarez

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Department of Operation and Management

Claudia Alvarez is originally from Colombia and is also a French citizen. She holds a BS in Industrial Engineering and a Master’s in Agribusiness Administration. She moved to Vienna in August 2017 after living 5 years in India.
A strong interest in community development and serving disadvantaged groups has inspired her to successfully work with diverse internationally based and Colombian organizations. Among others, she worked for a Non-Profit Organization based in Washington D.C. that provides medical assistance and offers educational and labor reintegration programs for seriously disabled Colombian victims of the internal war. Her interest in helping unprivileged communities broadened after taking a MOOC on Financing for Development and now she would like to collaborate with KFDWB. She has expertise in spearheading campaigns, developing projects and managing teams. She is fluent in English, French, and Spanish.

Claudia is currently working on research and develop a database of organizations that share missions similar to KFDWB’s and can support or fund the organization. Click here to view the project proposal.

The project is completed

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