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Transforming and tailoring massive Online Courses (MOOCs) and open education resources into local skills, knowledge for development and local practices

KFDWB’s Regional social Academy proposal in West Africa will link up with potential Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and open education resources institutions. We aim to research, select and develop available and online open global and local knowledge resources and platforms and adapts the most suitable knowledge resources for development and translate them into knowledge for development and skills for training materials based on the targeted local environment. KFDWB Transfers the selected training resources into local practices followed by on field practices, coaching and mentoring that are tailored to2030 Development Goals.

A short analysis and demonstration of the contribution of our Regional Academy project in West Africa and its benefits of education investments in the region

The vision of our organization about knowledge for development

KFDWB’s Regional Academy in West Africa

KFDWB is currently working on launching a Phyiscal Regional Academy in West Africa to deliver skills and knowledge training on a regular basis and facilitate field experience opportunities there such as work placements, coaching and mentoring. The training will address four kinds of skills: Digital Literacy; Financial Literacy; Business Development and Cultural Development. This will empower the local community and encourage growth.

KFDWB’s Regional Social Academy in West Africa (Video)

What funding partners can receive in return while funding our physical regional social Academy

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